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The Toys McCoy Indy
by Pierre Pittiloni

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May 17th, 2001

  The box is a collectors item by itself

The dream starts with the box in your hands: The front of it is illustrated with a picture of Harrison Ford taken from "The Raiders of the Lost Ark", on the sides one can see two photos of the actual action figure and the back shows in details the numerous accessories included. The box unfolds in three parts. The left part contains all the accessories, plus a booklet in Japanese. The central part holds the action figure and the right part is a simple panel illustrated with shots from "Raiders".

The whole box shows hieroglyphs and old maps witch perfectly reflect the spirit of the first movie. To unfold the box is to recollect all kinds of pleasant memories from "Raiders".

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picture below:
The exceptional box: On the left side the several accessories, on the right side the figure itself. All over the box are decorations and pictures from the film.

Picture by Pierre Pittiloni used with permission from Dixième Planete.