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The Toys McCoy Indy
by Pierre Pittiloni

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May 17th, 2001


This isn't like anything you've gone after before

The Japanese company, Toys McCoys, was already famous in the collector world for having released three amazing Steve Mc Queen 12 inch action figures. But they did an even more astounding work on the Indiana Jones doll they launched more than a year ago. A collectors item limited to only (unfortunately for most people) 3000 pieces. While the price was not so high in Japan, 33000 yen, it quickly skyrocketed to 800 dollar on auction sites such as Ebay. To put it simply, this is the best Indy collector item released during the last ten years.

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picture on the right:
On the way to the adventure! Indy comes with a genuine leather jacket and a satchel containing the Idol of Fertility and the famous too light sand bag.
Picture by Pierre Pittiloni used with permission from Dixième Planete.