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Created by:
Sascha Krasny
December 27th, 2000


The Globetrotter Gazette
Singapore '00: The Kingdom of the Sealion
Light up the Dragons!


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The lake was filled with lantern dragons!


Thanks to our friends Juliana and Chong we joined a special event: The Chinese Lantern Festival. And what a pity it would have been if we had missed this! A park full of lanterns lit by thousands of lights!

The Red Dragon

Such amazing colors and designs! Visitors have been greeted by a lake full of Water Dragons at the entrance. This was an amazing look!

Walking around we passed a valley of lantern mushrooms, a zoo filled with lantern animals and well known folklore figures and scenes build with lanterns.


The Green Dragon

Next to the entrance a bridge was the center of the "fight" of the two main dragons, the big Red Dragon and the big Green Dragon. The red one had an total length of over 50 meters.

Fish lanterns are very popular and surrounded the way to the Festival.