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Created by:
Sascha Krasny
December 28th, 2000


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Singapore '00: The Kingdom of the Sealion
A journey to the Center of the Earth!


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The Entrance to Volcanoland
Volcanoland, the Kingdom of Fire


In the center of Sentosa Island we finally reached the main attraction I wanted to see all along: Volcanoland. Since I read the advertisements for the first time, this was a must on my holiday list: "Enter Volcanoland and discover the secrets of an ancient Maya civilization and the legendary Mount Prospero, the world's most active volcano! Meet Professor Hugo II and his trusty robot IGO-NOGO and follow them on an incredible journey of adventure, into the center of the earth, into the Kingdom of Fire!
An Indiana Jones like Adventure!"

Now this sounds very exciting and a lot like three hour waiting queues. The reality looks somehow different: We were the only two visitors for over an hour and we got the whole show played just for the two of us! It may have been because it was September (already off season) or because it was raining half the day (but that's half that bad on a tropical island). But the main problem is that the show is simply too educational for the big crowd. It's like a Young Indy adventure compared to an Indy movie: Entertaining with a nice adventure touch but still a lesson in science. I liked it ;-)

Amazing Discoveries!
Entering the underground world

First of all, the area is wonderfully designed. Supposed to be a Pacific Island (Hawaiian style), you can explore a large area full of big and small surprises. Visitors can walk around free in the volcanic setting that is as fake as any Disney park but somehow made in a more realistic style. Do not miss the live shows (fire eater and folklore rituals) and the photo frames if you are there!

This is sooo embarrassing!
Sas, the ugly Mayan


The Professor's stuff
Professors Hugo's tent and robot

Together with your entrance ticket you get a coupon for one view of the main show. On our path along the queue (as if there was any) photos tell you what the main tour will be about: It's the story of Professor Hugo II who discovers a entrance leading to the center of the Earth. Together with his mechanical servant IGO-NOGO (an early robot), the Professor enters the Underworld to search for the secret behind the creation of Earth.

Rain, more rain, Volcanoland, even more rain.
Only a small view of the large Volcanoland area. I wish I had done more photos but it was raining to strong.

The show starts in a nice Jones' style. We passed an old digging site and reached the Expedition Headquarters of the Professor. An old black & white film tells us what had happened earlier. The voice actors are wonderful, especially Christopher Lee and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO from Star Wars) know their job well. Next is a wild ride down in a pit cage that may break down any moment. The path in the underworld leads through the Bonarium, narrow passages and the Cavern of Delights. After a small waterfall we finally ended up in the Kingdom Of Fire. The now coming "main show" is a lecture about the creation of Earth followed by a simulated volcanic eruption (no lava, just the sound). This is kids stuff and not really exciting but in an odd way still entertaining. The whole thing ends in the visitors center where you can get rid of any money you have left.

What may be in this box?
An old digging site