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Created by:
Sascha Krasny
update: 06/12/16

  Library: Novelizations  
  Each movie came with novelizations, adaptions, screenplays and storybooks. Some episodes from the TV series have been given a novelizations too.
  Movie Novelizations, Screenplays and Storybooks  
  Raiders of the Lost Ark
Novelization (1981)
The Making of Raiders of the Lost Ark by Derek Taylor (1981)
The Storybook by Les Martin
Mighty Chronicles edition by Jeff Campbell (1998)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Movie adaption by James Kahn (1984)
Young Adult Adaption (1984)
Official Collectors Edition (1984)
A Tale of High Adventure by Les Martin
The Illustrated Screenplay
The Storybook by Michael French

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Novelisation by Rob MacGregor (1989)
Young adult adaption by Les Martin
Based on the Motion Picture by George Lucas, Jeffrey Boam, Barry Watson, Les Martin
The Storybook by Ann Digby (1989)
  The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV Adaptions  
  Random House/Ballatine books
1. The Mummy's Curse adapted by Megan Stine, H. William Stine (1992)
2. Field of Death adapted by Les Martin (1992)
3. Safari Sleuth adapted by A. L. Singer (1992)
4. The Secret Peace adapted by William McCay (1992)
5. Trek of Doom adapted by Les Martin (1992)
6. Revolution! adapted by Gavin Scott (1992)
7. Race To Danger adapted by Stephanie Calmenson (1993)
8. Prisoner of War adapted by Les Martin (1993)
The Mata Hari Affair adapted by James Luceno (1992)

Fantail/Puffin books
1. The River of Death by Nigel Robinson (1993)
2. The Day of Destiny by Nigel Robinson (1993)
3. The Secret Treaty by Nigel Robinson (1993)
4. The Rule of Russia by Nigel Robinson (1993)

The Mummy's Curse adapted by Parker Smith (1992)
Safari in Africa adapted by Sally Bell (1992)