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Sascha Krasny


Tokyo '02: Looking for Indy


Historical Places

There are for sure a lot of historical places in Tokyo that would give a traveler an Indy type feeling. I have not been to many, though, and even those have sometimes been closed for tourists. Like the Imperial Palace in the center of the town, a place surrounded by a beautiful park but off limits for anyone. Worth seeing are the Shrines and Temples in town.

Entrance to the famous Meiji-Shrine

Finding Indy in all the wrong places

To be honest, I did not expect to stumble over any Indy related stuff in Tokyo. Well, I have been wrong :) While Tokyo Disneyland does not sell the latest US Disney toys, I have seen used US playsets at several places. Japan is also famous for it's detailed model kits and I did find one of Indy on our first shopping tour. It was very expensive and taking photos is not allowed in shops, so I don't have pics from that.

Checking videos is always fun. Now is the time to shop for the last few Laserdiscs if you have a player for those. I found a Raiders Laserdisc for the price of a McDonalds burger. I also saw a Japanese video box set from the International release of the complete Adventures of Indiana Jones, I did not even know that it had been released there!


Laserdiscs are an antique technologie by now but this is still the technically best copy of Raiders since it has not been released on DVD yet.

A very strange finding was a postcard from the mountain temple in Petra, Jordan. That's the one used at the end of Last Crusade. Who would have thought that those are sold on a regular basis in Tokyo... And a very Indy-like attraction in an entertainment park in Yokohama finally made me fully believe that they do like Indy a lot in Japan.

Very Indy like attraction but actually I have no idea what it is about. I will give it a try next time I am there, though.

Sayonara, Tokyo, we will meet again soon.