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Sascha Krasny


Tokyo '02: Temple of the Crystal Skull


The Lost River Delta

The main Indy attraction in town is for sure Indiana Jones and Temple of the Crystal Skull, a Disney park ride. Never heard of that one? I did not know about the ride myself until two days before we left for Japan. It is located in the DisneySea park (a new park next to the Tokyo Disneyland) and was opened in September 2001. To make it even harder to find, there is practically no advertising for the Indy ride at all.

But seeking the adventure not even the setbacks could stop us. For example the first time we made it to the park we were not allowed to enter due to too many visitors! And this was only a casual weekday! To make the travel more pleasant for future visitors I will add a complete guide to the ride to IJC.at soon!

Nevertheless we reached the Lost River Delta, a jungle zone somewhere in Middle America, in the Yucatan area (ok, this was still Tokyo but it does look cool :). There were lots of things to see and explore, Jock's biplane was floating on the river near a bridge, an expedition truck stood along the street and there was an excavation site with equipment and the latest finds. And then there was the huge temple, the goal of our journey.

sas and the temple

Indiana Jones and the Never Ending Queue

And then there were the queues, waiting for fearless adventurers like us to join. Because of the large number of visitors there is also a Fastpass system to get you a "reserved" ride but you have to queue for these tickets too. The price for our waiting was an action ride through the temple that uses elements from the Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride in California. Our ride starts inside the temple but we came at a bad time: Indy just encountered some evil forces. When he saw us he told us to search for a way out, while he tried to keep the evil locked behind giant doors (Indy does speak Japanese here, so I am not entirely sure about the back story).

Jock's biplane on the river.


Finally at the entrance!

As usual the way out leads us right trough the main troubles - in our case the center of the temple, where we had close encounters with thousands of bugs, giant snakes, angry skeletons and the mysterious Crystal Skull. Seeing the Crystal Skull did not help very much - we set off a series of traps and made our situation even worse. We had to duck under a fireball, dash through the Darts Room and just when we met Indy again and felt safe, a giant boulder started rolling toward us! Only a desperate move straight down saved our lives. At last we met Indy for a third time and he was glad we made it out safe.

The endless queue Inside the temple.

Overall, the ride is a blast and worth the waiting. We did it three times and it got better each time. There are so many interesting details you start seeing after multiple rides. Also at the end of each ride you get a chance to buy a photo from the fast drop at the end of the ride. It is very funny to see the scared faces, even if you don't buy the photo.

The Outfitters, the Indy merchandise shop, was a place we had to visit. They have nice Indy wear, toys and merchandise to take the Indy feeling home.

Nightfall in the Lost River Delta.

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