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Created by:
Sascha Krasny
update: 02/01/27

  The Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones
Not yet released chapters
I am sorry, but the following chapers have not been released yet:

01. My First Adventure
Former episode: Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal (part 1) [#01]
The Story: While accompaning his father on a lecture tour around the world, Indy's adventures start with an Egypt expedition that ends in a theft and a murder.
Changes: Additional filming was done in 1996 to expand this episode into a 90 min TV movie.

02. Passion for Life
Former episodes: Paris, September 1908 [#19] British East Africa, September 1909 [#03]
The Story: While Paris teaches Indy a lesson in art, the African wildlife teachs him a lesson about the circle of life and death.

03. The Perils of Cupid
Former episodes: Florence, May 1908 [#25] Vienna, November 1908 [#15]
The Story: Love is in the air in Florence and Vienna - but what is the right way to handle forbidden feelings?
Special Appearance: Max von Sydow as Sigmund Freud

04. Travels With Father
Former episode: Young Indiana Jones Travels With Father [#32]
The Story: After returning home from WWI Indy feels like a stranger and recalls happier times with his father in Russia and Greece.

05. Journey of Radiance
Former episodes: Benares, January 1910 [#21] Peking, March 1910 [#20]
The Story: Indy encounters the world of the Far East after getting seriously ill in China and meeting Krishnamurti in India.

07. Love's Sweet Song
Former episodes: Ireland, April 1916 [#18] London, May 1916 [#02]
The Story: On their way from Mexico to Europe Indy and Remy do find love - but can they hold it?
Special Appearance: Elizabeth Hurley as Vicky Prentiss

09. Demons of Desception
Former episodes: Verdun, September 1916 [#04] Paris, October 1916 ([#22]
The Story: Indy is a runner for the Belgian Army and learns the difference between fighting at the front line of the bloody battle of Verdun and commanding at the luxurious headquaters in Paris.

14. Espionage Escapades
Former episodes: Barcelona, May 1917 [#10] Prague, August 1917 [#26]
The Story: It's a spy's hard day's work to keep up to date who's friend and who's foe.
Special Appearance: Terry Jones as Marcello

19. Winds of Change
Former episode: Paris, May 1919 [#24]
The Story: The end of a war does not always mean peace when politicians level the way.

21. Scandal of 1920
Former episode:
Young Indiana Jones and the Scandal of 1920 [#14]
The Story: Indy's life get a little complicate when he falls in love with three girls at the same time - while helping George Gershwin with a musical revue.
Special Appearance: Anne Heche as Kate

No release date for these episodes has been announced.