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Created by:
Sascha Krasny
update: 01/07/06

  Indy's Gamble: Solitaire Rules
The Universe of the Four Gods
I dedicate this solitaire game to Laura Shulse for reminding me to finish it. I am some years late but I did if after all.

In this solitaire game you have to slip into Indy's boots. Indy has gotten trapped by a supernatural power that took over his body. Now he has to walk down the four dream paths to the four Gods to prove his pure heart. On these paths he will encounter the worst enemies he had beaten before - but this time they come together. To master his foes again, Indy will also find helpful allies and handy weapons along the way. (I designed the game with a background story. It has to be written, though.)
  Before the game  

To play this game you will need the listed cards from the Indy's Gamble card set:

  • 4 artifact cards (any four will do)
  • 12 Character cards "Friend"
  • 12 Character cards "Foe"
  • 12 Weapon cards
  • 12 Trap cards
  • The 4 Location cards from Raiders (Temple of the Idol, Tanis Diggs, Secret Nazi base and Streets of Cairo)


  • Shuffle the character, weapon and trap cards together. Shuffle the cards well.
  • Put the four artifact cards face up on the table.
  • Now place the 48 shuffled cards face down on the table in the “four paths“ style (see picture).
  • Shuffle the four location cards and put the face up at the beginning of the four paths.

You now have four columns (the paths), each with seven rows.

  The Game  

The goal of the game is to obtain the four artifacts and to have at least one friend alive. You can use friends and weapons after you turned them face up to fight enemies and traps.

Get Started
- During the game you will have always four cards turned face up. These cards are called "available game cards".
- You start with the four location cards as available game cards. They count as the type of card listed in the text box (friend, foe, weapon and trap). So in each play will you get the same starting conditions.

Take the ally (from the Tanis Diggs) as your first character. Put this card in front of you. After taking a card from a row you have to turn one of the two cards it laid upon face up. Immediately put the other card from the same row of the same path on the discard pile without looking at it. (See an example with picture below.) Look at the card you have turned face up: It's a friend, a foe, a weapon, or a trap. Whatever it is you have to encounter it or use it later in the game.

    Friend Rules:

  • - Between the fights with enemies or the disarming of traps you can take friends to your active party.
  • - You may not have more than two characters at one time. But you can discard an ally from your party to the discard pile if you want to (and then take another one from the available game cards).

Walking along a path:
After dealing with a card (either take it if it is good or beat it if it is bad) you have to turn another card along the way face up. The new card can be choosen from the two cards the former card layed upon. See the two examples in the left picture. You have to turn only one card face up in each row, the others will be discarded.


Now it is time to equip your character with a weapon. You can take the starting weapon (from the Secret Nazi Base) or a possible other one, in case you have turned one face up before.

    Weapon Rules:

  • Between the fights with enemies or the disarming of traps you can equip your characters with weapons as you wish.
  • Each character can hold only one Weapon. But you can discard a weapon from a character in your party if you want to (and take a new one from the available game cards).
  • Attention: If you discard a weapon from a character you have to check the characters damage points immediately (before giving him a new weapon!). If the characters strength minus his damage points is less than zero without the weapon, the character has to leave the play!

Now it is time to encounter the first enemy. Fighting is easy: Both friends and the foe strike simultaneously an amount of damage points equal to their Attack points. The damage points are compared with the characters Defence points. If the number of damage points is higher than the defence the character must leave play. If the number of damage points is less than the defence the character keeps the damage points = gets wounded.

    Enemy Rules:

  • Damage points are permanent.
  • You can attack an enemy with two allies (if you have two characters in play). Simply add up their damage points.
  • The enemy can only attack one ally. You decide which character has to take damage points.
  • If both allies and the enemy survive a battle you can attack again.

Getting around traps is always a game of luck. Disarming a trap works like in the standard game.
Play tip: Try to master the traps when you have a lot of luck points = two allies and weapons with positive luck.

    Trap Rules:

  • Add up all the luck points of your characters and their weapons.
  • Look in the traps table to find out which numbers you have to roll to disarm the trap. Example: If you have 26 luck points and try the Snake Pit, you have to roll a 4, 5, or 6 to disarm it.
  • If you fail your characters have to take the traps damage points.
  • Discard the trap and go on with the game.

Game Goal
- To win the game you have to get the four artifacts.
- If you have no more allies left in your active party, you have lost the game.

  Game variations  

Make the game easier
You can take one character from the discard pile back to your active party one time during game.

Make the game harder
Try an alternative path layout like this one:

Make your own rules!
Take these rules as an inspiration to try out your own ideas. If you have knowlede of other solitaire card game try settings similar to those. Or figure out your own designs my crossing the paths or whatever other idea you have. Maybe you find a way to include more cards from the Standard Game in the Solitaire version. Please do send me your ideas when you worked out something new. And have fun c|:)