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Created by:
Sascha Krasny
update: 00/07/06

  Indy's Gamble: Info  
  Indy's Gamble is a brand-new card game featuring Indy and his famous movie adventures. There has not been an Indy game like this one before. The idea and design of the game was developed by me (Sascha Krasny) especially for the Indy style of adventures. The game is made for all Indy fans all over the world, especially for the readers of my page :). And now the best part: The game is completely free.

Do-It-Yourseft: The game card set consist of 84 cards available on 10 pages (JPEG pictures) in printable size.

Release Date: I was not able to finish the game in time for Indy's 100th birthday (1st July 1999) but I still beat LucasArts when releasing an Indy game ;-) The release date was: August 16th 1999.