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A leap in the dark!

The players build with their cards expedition routes that lead them to the remote and mysterious places: the Himalayas, the Rainforest, the Desert, the Volcanoland and under the Sea. Who dares enough to make bets on the outcome of his own expeditions? The player with the most fame (= points) after three games is the winner. Note: The rules are very easy. But be aware that it is a lot harder to win than you might think.

Game material

  • 1 Game board
  • 60 Game cards:
    • 45 Expedition cards (with the values 2-10 in five colors)
    • 15 Betting cards (3 each color)

Game preparations

  • Put the game board with the five expedition fields between the five players.
  • Shuffle the cards and deal each player eight cards. Put the other cards face down in a "hidden" pile next to the game board.
  • Get a pencil and a piece of paper to write down the game results.

Game goal

The goal of both player is to lay out expedition routes that bring a lot of fame points after subtracting the starting costs. An expedition route is a column of expedition cards in rising order. At the beginning of expeditions the players can put betting cards which multiply the outcome of the expedition. All cards of an expedition must have the same color. The outcome of the expeditions is counted at the end of the game.

Player 1

game board

Player 2

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