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Sascha Krasny
update: 03/10/23

  Novels: Wolfgang Hohlbein  
  In the early 90ties the German author Wolfgang Hohlbein has written eight Indiana Jones books. The novels are not connected to each other but the story are all set after the three movies. Hohlbein is a very popular German-language science fiction, fantasy and young adult novel author. So far he wrote about 100 pulp magazines and 160 books.
  The Author  
  Full Name: Wolfgang Hohlbein
Birthdate: Aug. 15, 1953, Weimar, Germany
Awards: Phantastik-Preis der Stadt Wetzlar
Information: Official German Site
Curriculum Vitae: During the 1960ties Hohlbein moved to Neuss near Düsseldorf. 1974 he married his wife Heike. 1980 his first short stories appear in science fiction magazines. He got in contact with the SF-Club Deutschland (SFCD) and the author and translator Karl-Ulrich Burgdorf. From Burgdorf Holbein got the tip to work for a pulp magazine company (Bastei) which was desperately searching for authors. Hohlbein wrote several stories using pseudonyms, the writing finally started to pay his life. His breaktrough happend in 1982 when Hohlbein and his wife wote the young adult fantasy novel "Märchenmond" (fairytale-moon) for a contest. Their novel was chosen the best out of over 10.000 entries. Since then Wolfgang and Heike Hohlbein have written over 160 books with a total sale of over 1 million. They live and work together with their six children, ten cats and three dogs.
  Bibliography excerpt  
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Indiana Jones und das Schwert des Dschingis Khan (1991)
Indiana Jones und das verschwundene Volk (1991)
Indiana Jones und das Geheimnis der Osterinseln (1992)
Indiana Jones und das Labyrinth des Horus (1993)
Indiana Jones und das Erbe von Avalon (1994)
Der Hexer von Salem (series)
Märchenmond (1992)
Die Heldenmutter