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Sascha Krasny
update: 10/04/04

  Novels: Rob MacGregor  
  Rob MacGregor is the author of 13 novels and two non-fiction books. MacGregor adapted the script of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and went on to write six original Indiana Jones novels. He is a popular science fiction/fantasy author.
  The Author  
  Full Name: Rob MacGregor
Birthdate: not known
Awards: Edgar Allan Poe Award (1996)
Information: official website
Curriculum Vitae: When Rob MacGregor began college, he was intent on becoming an archaeologist. By the time he graduated, he had switched to journalism and began a career as a reporter. MacGregor's interest in archaeology and adventure never faded. Between jobs, he traveled and visited ruins from Celtic England to ancient Greece, and from Aztec and Mayan Mexico to Incan Peru. By the time Rob MacGregor became involved with Indiana Jones, he had traveled to all the places that Indy would go in his novels.
  Bibliography excerpt  
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Indiana Jones and the Dance of the Giants (1991)
Indiana Jones and the Seven Veils (1991)
Indiana Jones and the Genesis Deluge (1992)
Indiana Jones and the Unicorn's Legacy (1992)
Indiana Jones and the Interior World (1992)
Crystal Skull (1991)
Hawk Moon (1996)
Prophecy Rock (1998)
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