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  Novels: Martin Caidin  
  Martin Caidin is the author of two Indiana Jones novels. He has a very unique style that unfortunately does not fit Indy's adventures. He wrote too many books about flying and tried to push Indiana Jones into this scheme.
  The Author  
  Full Name: Martin Caidin
Birthdate: September 14, 1927, New York, New York
Day of death: March 24, 1997, Tallahassee, Florida
Awards: Many aerospace honors and awards
Information: Spacelight SciFi authors database
Curriculum Vitae: Caidin wrote more than 200 books, more non-fiction than fiction. He was unschooled, self-educated, and actively participated in the race into space (he was with Wernher Von Braun's team in 1955 at Cape Canaveral). Caidin loved aeronautical history and wrote many historical works and historical fictions. He began writing Science Fiction in 1956 and wrote the novel "Cyborg", better known as "The Six Million Dollar Man" TV series. Martin Caidin died at the age of 69.
  Bibliography excerpt  
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Indiana Jones and the White Witch (1994)
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