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Disney Toys in Disneyland Paris


April 10th, 2001

  France - News from Disneyland Paris: Some of the highly anticipated Disney toys are now available in the park. An Indy fan has been there last week and found three of the six items for sale.

These are good news for European fans because due to a strange marketing policy Disney stopped mail orders of the toys a few month ago. This step did not improve the situation at all. Today the only way to get toys is to visit a Disneypark or to buy the toys overprized at ebay. The availibility of at least some toys in Europe is a good sign and after all a good reason to travel to France.

Items available in the US (complete list):
Micro Action Play set
Micro Action Tank
Micro Action Airplane
Micro Action Motorcycle set
Indiana Jones Action Figure with Accessories
10'' Indiana Jones Vinyl Statue

Items avaible at Disneyland Paris:
Micro Action Airplane (89 FF)
Micro Action Motorcycle set (59 FF)
10'' Indiana Jones Vinyl Statue (149 FF)

The popular Indiana Jones Action figure with accessories is not avaible at this time and Disneyland Paris does not plan to import it.

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