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Raiders of the Lost Ark


March 21st, 2001


The Net - The endless quest for original Indiana Jones relics or at least good replicas has lead to another thought-to-be-lost piece: The Cherubs (angels) from the lid of the Ark of the Covenant!

An unpainted angel.

The moderator of Replica Props forum - he is better known as "The Sarge" - has found someone with an original pull of one of the angels. The items won't come cheap though, he needs firm commitments for 20 angels to start the production. The first price was $ 150.00 each but the price is falling down. Last call was for $ 85.00 one and $ 150.00 for a set of two.
Attention please!
I am getting a lot of email about this article from fans asking me for further references to the pieces. This article is from 2001, most links are broken by now and I do not know how to contact the people owning the angels or the mold! If you do know anything about these people please feel free to let me know and I will add this info here.


The feet from the Ark.

Another possible part of the Ark also popped into the discussion: Very nice looking feet for the Ark have been found in South Africa. Another fan from the Replica Props forum (GraFX Boy) is trying to find a way to get one or two, to modify and mold them. If he is able to get one and mold it, he will offer them for a quite reasonable price "... it's not about money, its about owning Arks, ain't it".

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