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Michael Jackson and the Last Crusade


April 29th, 2001

  1988, Elstree Studios - Think of Jacko meeting Indy. Sounds weird, doesn't it? A story about such a happening has been told to the Globetrotter Gazette by Pete Worby, who doubled for Harrison Ford on the Last Crusade.

"One interesting thing that happened on the Last Crusade was the appearance of Michael Jackson on the set. They were going for a take in the temple scene. Just after the red light and bell there was a loud bang. Of course, a certain director was not impressed and shouted out to whoever it was to shut up. Out of the darkness Michael Jackson came up onto the set which was raised up on scaffolding. He watched as the scene was shot and then proceeded to do his "bad" dance routine, singing about Indy I suppose. The set was filthy so dispelling in my mind Jackos phobia of dirt. He also signed autographs for some kids too, a nice guy I thought."

Read more about Pete Worby, the lucky man who doubled Indy for the Last Crusade, in the Globetrotter Gazette soon.

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