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"I was in Indy's skin"
Richard Beugné, French Indiana Jones novelist


May 8th 2002


France - The Globetrotter Gazette is speaking to Richard Beugné, author of three original Indiana Jones Jr novels (that's the French version of Young Indiana Jones). Welcome Mr. Beugné, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions in English.

Gazette: You are a successful writer of Young Adult novels (I am not a successful writer!). How and when did you get the chance to write Young Indiana Jones novels?
Mr. Beugné: I had written many other titles for children that Hachette had published. After that, they decided to create new adventures of Indiana Jones and they give me the chance to do it.

Gazette: While most of the US Young Indy novels are pure fiction, your stories feature more historical references and political and social components and remind me more of the Young Indiana Jones TV-series by George Lucas, where historical fact and fiction have been woven tightly. Did you focus especially on these aspects?
Mr. Beugné: Yes, I focus on these aspects, because of Indiana's nature which is more than an adventurer. But the three novels are entertainment first and foremost.

Gazette: Has it been fun to write about Indy or was the research and work rather stressful?
Mr. Beugné: It was fun. During the period I wrote those texts, I was in Indy's skin. A great person, able to travel all around the world and to meet very important and impressive people. That I couldn't do in my one life !!!

Gazette: Some authors of Indiana Jones novels had to edit their work after a review from Lucasfilm. Have your novels been reviewed by Lucasfilm or are they not so particular about European authors?
Mr. Beugné: Lucasfilm had review my novels. It was like this : I wrote a synopsis and I gave it to Hachette's editor who send it to them. After that, it was sometimes necessary to change (details generally). The most important thing was to respect the chronology of Indy's life. For example, he couldn't be traveling in China and in France during the same times.

Indiana Jones Jr et l'Ampoule Radioactive
Indiana Jones Jr et l'Ampoule Radioactive

Gazette: In your novel Indiana Jones Jr et l'Ampoule Radioactive you let Indy have another adventure in France. Did you enjoy bringing Indy back to France since it is your home?
Mr. Beugné: It was the first title I wrote and, sincerely, it didn't enjoy me especially to bring Indy in my home. It was just more easy to write it, because I knew the place. If you remember, this story takes place in underground of Paris. Many years ago I had visited them during the all night... For myself I prefer the novel in the deep North.


Indiana Jones Jr et l'Enfant Lama
Indiana Jones Jr et l'Enfant Lama

Gazette: In your novel Indiana Jones Jr et l'enfant Lama the friendship between the Lama and Indy did remind me a bit of the story of the Austrian Heinrich Harrer, who met the Lama in 1939 (his story was filmed by Jean-Jacques Annaud as Seven Years in Tibet in 1997). Has this been an inspiration to you or is this a coincidence?
Mr. Beugné: Just a coincidence. When I wrote, I didn't know the story of Heinrich Harrer, and the Annaud's movie was filmed after.

Gazette: You have written three Indiana Jones Jr novels (released in 1997, 1998 and 1999). Do you have plans for further adventures of Young Indy?
Mr. Beugné: No. The adventure is finished. It's rather impossible to buy the novels, there are no more available.

Gazette: Are there any plans to translate your Indiana Jones Jr novels into English or another language to make these adventures available for more readers?
Mr. Beugné: I will be very pleased to. But there are certainly juridical problems with Hachette and Lucas production.

Gazette: What is your personal story with Indy? When did you meet the famous archaeologist for the first time?
Mr. Beugné: It is strange maybe but I was not a fan of Indiana. Now I feel closer to him. Imagine : I am responsible of some parts of his life ! And I discover common points between him and me : travels, sports like climbing, mountaineering. But I have no whip !!!

Gazette: Thank you very much for the interview.

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The author:
Richard Beugné
The Novels:
Indiana Jones Jr et l'Ampoule Radioactive (1997)
Indiana Jones Jr et l'Enfant Lama (1998)
Indiana Jones Jr et la Météorite Sacrée (1999)
Indiana Jones Jr et la Météorite Sacrée
Indiana Jones Jr et la Météorite Sacrée