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Emperor's Tomb has gone Gold
Indy's new adventure for the Xbox available in stores February 25th


February 14th, 2003


California - LucasArts is pleased to announce that Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb for Xbox has been approved for manufacturing and will be in stores February 25th!
The new release dates are:
US (LucasArts) release dates:
Xbox February 25, 2003
PC/Windows March 17, 2003
PlayStation2 May 18, 2003
UK (Activision) release dates:
PC, Xbox March 28, 2003
PS2 June 27, 2003
Germany (ElectronicArts) release dates:
Xbox March 21, 2003
PC/Windows March 28, 2003
PS2 not yet available

New Official Site
The official site got a nice facelift with a chinese theme. While you explore the new official site features, make sure to check out all the new goodies:

  • the history behind Emperor Ch’in's tomb
  • animations of Indy's moves
  • music from the score
  • PC/Windows screensaver
  • desktop wallpapers

Indy Manual Feature
Have you ever wondered what goes into the process of making a manual? IGN.com features an article by Gregory Harsh, Senior Designer and Illustrator at Beeline Group, who created the incredibly attractive and creative new Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb manual.

TV Commercial Premiere
Watch the world premiere of the Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb TV Commercial at the official site/Gallery in [320 x 240] or [480 x 360]!