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Roller coasters vs. brain damage
Indiana Jones Adventure ride faced two lawsuits


November 22nd, 2002

  California - There has been a new study about the danger of getting your brain damaged when riding a roller coaster. "Despite some claims that roller coasters can cause brain damage, a new study by University of Pennsylvania researchers is telling people to relax and enjoy the ride." Here is the complete article.  

The article also features the Disney Indiana Jones Adventure ride in California which is not exactly a roller coaster. But still the ride already faced two lawsuits of this kind before: "Last year, the Walt Disney Co. agreed to pay an undisclosed sum to settle a lawsuit with Deborah Bynum, 46, who said she suffered a brain hemorrhage while riding Disneyland's Indiana Jones ride. In 1999, the company settled a similar case with Zipora Jacob, 46."

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