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Young Indy DVDs
Producer talks about Indy 4


October 19th 2003

  net - At the beginning of this week (10/13), The Digital Bits had this to say in their Rumor Mill section about Young Indy Jones: "...we have official confirmation from Lucasfilm's Jim Ward, via the Indy DVD event we attended on Saturday, that The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV series is currently in production for DVD release. There's no street date yet, but late 2004 is certainly possible.  

While we join them in hoping that these DVDs hit this year, we must remind everyone that Rick McCallum, a major Lucasfilm honcho if there ever was one, stated almost exactly a year ago that this set "won't be ready for 3 or 4 years". That puts it square in the range of 2005-2006, folks. But at least Mr. Ward confirms it is still in-the-works, and we thank him for that. And we thank Bill and all the guys at The Digital Bits for the info."

Günther Kittler