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DVD Update
Indy's return to the small screen


May 2nd 2003

  USA - TheForce.net had some juicy updatzes on upcoming Indy DVDs:

"Production on the DVD is pressing ahead as we speak, here's an update to what we know: From what Iíve gathered from other internet news sources, Lucasfilm is doing a major overhaul to the original films in terms of image quality. But what I know hasnít been seen on the net yet.

Interactive films
Basically what you need to know is that the movies will be interactive Ė it wont be mandatory during film viewing, but you will have the option of learning more about the people and places depicted in various scenes. For instance, when Indy is in Cairo, you can stop to learn more about Northern Africa during the 1930s.

And Iíve also read rumors on other news sites that the DVDs wont be released as a trilogy, but one at a time over the next three years, with Raiders set to be released by Christmas 2003. I know the only "information stops" that have been worked on so far are related solely to places Indy went in Raiders of the Lost Ark, so I would presume that this release schedule is correct.

Now there are also news about an upcoming release of the Young Indy episodes on DVD. It confirms the interactive option but has a different opinion on the film release.

Young Indy coming too!
LucasFilms plans to release the films in one big shot in 2005 so there are 4 teams of producer/researchers working with editors who are going to create ONE HUNDRED-TWENTY (120) separate mini-docs on the varied historical figures that were portrayed in the series. First up: Teddy Roosevelt. Being created and cut on the Ranch.

No word yet on the length of each of these but historians and experts are being interviewed all over the country to be cut into the historical footage and stills of each figure.

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