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"I play him one more time, ..."
New Harrison Ford interview


September 18th 2002

  Austria - In the current issue of the Austrian film magazine "more" (7/2000) Harrison Ford was talking about his new film K-19 and answered few questions about Indy, aging and film heroes. I have translated printed German version of the interview back into English, so this are not the original words used by Ford. You can also read the original German version - if you understand German :)

more: The Soviet captain Alexei Vostrikov you are playing is not very friendly. Don't you bother that your friendly image gets scratches?
Ford: After reading the script I knew, that this is not about an amiable character. It was a challenge for me. He is unfriendly, so I had to be unfriendly. But have no worries, I will play the friendly Indiana Jones again. In another film.

more: Speaking of Indy: What about "Indiana Jones 4"? The next sequel
Harrison Fordis positive, isn't it?
Ford: I am still waiting for a really good script - one that will arouse my enthusiasm again. Momentarily we stagnate a little. I never thought that the post production will take that long.
But that's it. I play him one more time and then he will be buried.

This sounds less positive than in the last months - hopefully it was only Ford's bad mood.

more: When the filming will start in 2004 you will be 62. Will your age be a problem?
Ford: Indiana Jones has no specific age. I do not think about aging at all. I watch how I feel from day to day, but that not related to aging. That's living.

more: You have written film history with your roles as Han Solo in "Star Wars" and Indiana Jones. Do you like to play brave heroes?
Ford: I don't play heroes at all. I play men in a dilemma. After overcoming their dilemma, they appear as heroes.

Calista Flockhartmore: Is it true that Calista Flockhart asked you to buy diapers?
Ford: Yes, that's true. She has a baby son. But the trip to the super marked ended in a fiasco. I asked a clerk where to find the diapers and he sent me to the shelf with the depends.

The next issue of the German film magazine Cinema contains according to the Austria newspaper Der Standard a comment from Steven Spielberg: "Steven Spielberg does not want to make commercial films any more. He had enough success for three lifetimes, told the 54 year old the magazine Cinema: 'I produce only for myself and hope, what enjoys me will enjoy the public too.'"

Let's hope that Spielberg does not loose interest in Indy. Archaeology is culturally valuable, isn't it.

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