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Marion, Willie and .. Ally?
rumor mill running hot


June 27th, 2002

  Web - It's silly season again. Harrison Ford himself got a head start by using an good old trick that has been working for 13 years now: The unsure mind flip. He told Cincescape: Harrison FordWell, it's official that we have an ambition to make the film, but unless we get a script that we're all happy with, I don't think it's sure that will happen, the cautious-speaking Ford told reporters. So, I'm very happy about the fact that we've all committed to a certain idea, and we're developing it and hoping it will be fruitful.

No time for deep thoughts on Harry's unsure feelings - the Internet movie database IMDb had far shocking news: Calista Flockhart is apparently planning to team up with boyfriend Harrison Ford in the next Indiana Jones movie. Filming on Indiana Jones 4 is due to begin in May 2004, with the film looking more adult than its 1980s predecessors. A source says, "
Calista FlockhartHarrison Ford had only one demand when he was approached about doing a fourth Indiana Jones movie - that Calista be written into the new movie. Luckily, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas loved the idea. They think Calista will be a perfect romantic interest for Indiana." And having the ex-Ally McBeal star on board solved one problem for the filmmakers. The source says, "The Indy team had no idea what to do with Indy for the fourth movie. Bringing Calista on board gave them inspiration and they dreamed up the whole story in just a few hours. Getting Calista into the movie was the kick-in-the-pants the guys needed."

Now try to imagine an Ally - Indy scene ... or better do not imagine that. Next was a story on Aint it cool news from New Zealand. A friendly kiwi saw Jonathan Rhys Davies on local tv: "I have a small piece of news on the new "Indiana Jones" movie.
Colin HanksDid you know, Colin Hanks will have a role in the film. Yes, Tom's son. The larger than life, Jonathan Rhys Davies is here doing some reshoots for "Lord of the Rings" and told our TV station PRIME this week that a new Indiana Jones Movie is in the works, which by the sounds of it, he has a role in...I remember he had a role in one of the other films?? Now, he says he knows nothing of the story - but that some of his Indy's old girlfriends will appear in the film, as will Sean Connery as his Dad and Spielberg's pal, Tom Hanks, has talked the director into putting young Colin in the film too. As yet he doesn't know...but I read somewhere Indy had a son???"

Yeah, time to dig out Kevin Costern as Indy's brother and Nathalie Portman as Indy's sister from last year... With such big rumors going on, Harrison Ford tried to get some attention back to his main concern - the script - and talked on Access Hollywood: "The Calista rumor is not true."

Billy Bush asked him again if he would like to see her in it, he said no. He also said that he will do Indy IV if they get a script that they all agree on."

He does not like to see her .. now that looks like an interesting relationship. But of course we are above such gossip. Lets stick to George and Steven who tried to comment a bit more on topic. The Official Star Wars Site spread "official" news and words from their boss, George Lucas:
Frank Darabont"Frank Darabont has been selected to write the screenplay for a fourth Indiana Jones movie, based on a story by George Lucas. Steven Spielberg will once again direct, Lucas will be the executive producer, and Harrison Ford will star in the film. Frank Marshall will again serve as producer. I'm excited to be able to revisit a character I created a generation ago," Lucas said. "Steven, Harrison and I have wanted to do this for some time, and this feels like the right moment."

It has been the right moment for years now - but better now than never. But time for on more interview with Lucas and Spielberg in Starlog #300:
Starlog: Switching gears for one moment, what's the latest update on Indiana Jones IV?
Lucas: I've got a story that [Steven Spielberg and Harrison] want to do. I've got a writer, and I'm going to get him started. I'm going to get him pushed off and then I'll write Episode III. Then, Steven takes over. So that's one of those perfect jobs where all I have to do is get the script in order and have everybody be happy, and they go off and make it. I just show up and wave.

Starlog: What's the latest on Indy IV?
Steven SpielbergSpielberg: That is happening. We have a writer, but I'm not officially allowed to announce the writer's name until the trades get it. (Maybe Steven should tell George not to spill the beans when they want to keep it secret... :-) I cannot wait to make this film. I think it's going to make all of us feel like kids again. To be able to get Harrison Ford, George Lucas and me back together again is a dream come true. I was happy just making three. It was Harrison who really wanted to make another Indiana Jones movie, and he was very tenacious wherever we were together about reminding me that there were wonderful stories we hadn't told. So he lit the fire under both George and me, and that's why we're making it. It's thanks to him."

So it's all because "I dont think its sure that will happen"-Harrison Ford. Time for another interview Harry :-)

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