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June 4th, 2005
Indiana Jones 4 release date?


June 1st, 2002

  TV/Web - Can it be true? Will Indy be on the big screen with a new adventure? 16 long years after his Last Crusade? If the "reliable sources" that flood the nets rumor pits are telling the truth, we can start to count down the days.

"Some developments behind-the-scenes at Lucasfilm have resulted in two important developments. First of all, Frank Darabont has now signed the dotted line and will write Indy 4. Expect the announcement to break any day now, but we know it to be official already. Also, the studio has selected a release date we can also tell you is solid. The legacy of Indiana Jones will continue on July 4, 2005."

Now I have only one question left: Why would anyone release a movie on a Monday even if it is July the 4th ...

More about Indy 4 was said earlier this week on MTV. George Lucas told MTV Movie House that "he's working on a story right now. I've got something that both Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford like."

But when it came to finding out if screenwriter Frank Darabont is working on the new Indy 4 screenplay, Lucas didn't reveal any exclusives. "We're in the process of hiring a writer and hopefully we'll be able to start shooting ... not next year, but probably the year after. It'll take a while to write the script and all that sort of thing."

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