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Indy will have a son


May 28th, 2002

  Web - Hollywood veteran Harrison Ford may return to his famed Indiana Jones character as a father. The Golden Globe-winner, 59, is joining director Steven Spielberg to make the fourth movie about the adventurer in 2004.

According to Dutch TV magazine Vara, when they interviewed George Lucas, who is writing and producing Indiana Jones 4, he revealed a new character to the series.

When Vara's reporter asked Lucas about Indiana, Lucas replied, "Spielberg is directing, and Indiana will have a son."

Now this an interesting change, since George Lucas had talked about Nathalie Portman as possible daughter of Indy a while ago. We also know that Indy does have a daughter, she is featured in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles bookends with Old Indy - but then again these scenes have been cut away in the Complete Adventures of Indiana Jones video release.