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Searching for whips
Lucasfilm Prop Department stocking Indy 4 Items


May 18th, 2002

  USA - Gilles from TheRaider.net got news from Walt "Sergei" Rybinski, who moderates the bullwhip section at IndyGear:

"Well this is certainly good news. I have verified from a direct source that took the call from the Prop Department. The prop department is in full action stocking for the necessary items for Indy 4. They were pretty clear who they were and what they wanted as far as quantity and pricing for the quoted gear.
In addition the prop people did disclose that they have enough whips with cables (stunt whips), but are totally out of regular whips. No surprise there since some of these whips went to Spielberg, Lucas, Ford and the various other stunt guys.

Also the prop people mentioned that there will be more scenes that call for the whip. Woo-Hoooo!!!
In addition to film locations here in desert southwest, they are also looking at jungles in either South America or Southeast Asia.
One other tidbit is that they are looking for a whip coach due to the amount of whip scenes and stunt people involved. Leading candidate is Alex Green but there could be issues with his Canadian citizenship."