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Location scouting in Arizona
Indy 4 pre-production going on


May 16th, 2002

  USA - Dark Horizons reported from Indiana Jones 4 pre-productions: 'Paul' has quite an interesting story to share, if true it indicates things are moving ahead as fast as the rumors recently have indicated:

"I spend most of my afternoon up in Sedona, AZ -- beautiful red rock country where they shot many westerns in the 1940s and 1950s. Anyway, I was hiking through and along Oak Creek Canyon, when my friend and I came across six people with digital cameras and notepads. They were pretty friendly people; as we took a break nearby, I noticed they were talking about film speeds and aperture settings and stuff. I then asked them why they were taking so many notes. They said that they're location scouts working on the new Indiana Jones film. Apparently, they were around the Mogollon Rim earlier in the week (southeast of Sedona, closer to Phoenix), and will be heading up and around the South Rim of the Grand Canyon tomorrow morning.

They're looking for "remote, yet somewhat populated desert settings" for a part of their movie, we were told. I wasn't even really aware that production was moving on this, but it appears that they're at least looking for settings. Anyway, the crew was quite nice -- we only talked for about two minutes in all. They need to have areas that can easily double for the American Southwest in the mid-1950s. They said that they'd be back to Oak Creek Canyon in late August or early September, if they ultimately decided to choose that location. The crew is heading up to Utah and Joshua Tree National Park too, if I remember correctly"

Harrison Ford, last month: "[...] There's a lot of work ahead of us, but we are all looking forward to it. "