PC: IJ and the Revenge of the Ancients: Manual

Simple Commands

e or east .. go east
climb up .. climb something up
e or east .. go east
examine X .. examine the item X
get on X .. mount the vehicle X
look .. look around
n or north .. go north
open X.. open the item X
push X .. push the item X
s or south .. go south
take X .. take the item X
throw X .. throw in item X
trade X for Y .. trade two items
wait .. wait for a while
w or west = go west
wear X .. wear the item X

Complexe Commands:

do X in Y .. moving the item X to the place Y e.g. put key in pocket
do X with Y .. perform an action on the item X using the item Y e.g. open door with key


When you want to talk to a person you just have to type what you want to tell the person e.g. Help me Carl.

Special Whip Commands:

crack whip
lasso X with whip
snap whip on X
swing on X

created by:
Sascha Krasny
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