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Indiana Jones and the Heritage of Time
a.k.a. Indiana Jones und das Erbe der Zeit

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Genre: Adventure (Fate of Atlantis - Clone)
Producer: Masterton Software (www.Masterton.de)
Authors: Titus Miloi, Andreas Moros
Released: 2000 (demo)
Data Medium: Internet
System Requirements: soundcard for sound
Info: This is so far one the best FoA clone demo I have ever played. The authors try to copy the LucasArts feeling and gameplay fun instead of the coding style and tools. The demo is limited to one location with a lot of rooms and riddles. There is only one drawback: The demo is so far only available in German language.

For this game you can ...
... download a German demo (2882K, ZIP).

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demo 1 demo 2 demo 3
left: Ahhhhhhhhhh. | middle: Huh, anyone here? | right: I would feel better with Sallah on my side?

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