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Atari 2600

Emulator I have used: StellaX
Version I have used: V1.1.2 (July 1999)
Info: This is a nice emulator available for PC (Dos, Windows and Linux). The special features of StellaX include instructions how to connect original Atari 2600 gamepads with your PC and instructions how to connect your PC with your TV to get the original Atari 2600 feeling. The printscreen function is not documented: Press F12 to write a BMP file.
URL: http://stella.atari.org


Emulator I have used: CCS64
Version I have used: V1.09 (Oct. 19, 1997)
Info: This emulator not only emulates a shell for the game, it also emulates a whole C64. For example you have to type "run" to run the game.
URL: http://www.fatal-design.com/ccs64/index.html

The C64 had a special soundchip that required the SID sound format. To play the SID sound files nowadays you need either a sound emulator or a SID plug-in for your player.
Plug-in I have used: SIDAmp
Version I have used: V1.4 Beta (Jun 16, 1999)
Info: This is an easy to use plug-in for the well known MP3 Player WinAmp. Just add the SIDAmp DLL in the WinAmp DLL directory and you can play the original C64 SID files.
URL: www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lakes/5147/sidplay/download.html


Emulator I have used: Massage (Sega Master System/Game Gear Emulator by James McKay)
Version I have used: V0.8F
Info: This is a very smart emulator. You can Save/Load the game at any point, make PCX screenshots and speed up the game.
URL: www.enterspace.org/world/

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Emulator I have used: SNES9X
Version I have used: 1.26 (Sept. 1999)
Info: This is a good emulator. You can Save/Load the game at any point and speed up/slow down the game.
URL: www.snes9x.com/

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