IJC Games: Indiana Jones Poker-Quartett

[ Indiana Jones Poker-Quartett Rules translated by Sascha Krasny ]

  a game for 3 or more players
Game goal
  Collect sets of four matching cards. A set is made up of cards with similar Letters (e.g. A1 - A4).
The game
  Shuffte all 32 cards and distribute them among the players.

Players who are holding one or more complete set already may put them on the table in front of them right away.

The player on the left side of the card dealer starts. He may ask one of the the other players for a card he is needing.

The player keeps asking for cards as long as he is successful. If the asked player does not hold the card in question, he will be the next active player. Now he can ask for a card he is looking for.
End of the game
  The game ends as soon as all sets have been collected and placed on the table. The player with the most sets wins.
Please drop me a mail if you have questions. The rules may not cover all possible game situations but I have not written the rules - I only translated them. I will answer all your questions in the FAQ below.
Game FAQ
  No questions so far.

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